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IPHost Network Monitor is a professional network and server monitoring tool
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IPHost Network Monitor is a helpful and easy-to-use Windows application which helps users deal with network and server monitoring. The fact that this program monitors crucial servers and applications makes it suitable for businesses, no matter whether they are small, medium, or large. Apart from monitoring, this utility can set up automatic recovery.

Another useful feature provided by this application is adjustable alerts, which give prompt notices when performance and availability problems are detected. You can receive these notices via e-mail, SMS, or in form of a pop-up message; additionally, you can configure the program to send a message to your instant messenger, play a sound, or execute an application.

This utility is rather simple in terms of its structure, yet complex enough in terms of information made available. Thus, IPHost Network Monitor comprises three main components: “Monitoring Service” which performs the monitoring and alerting tasks, “Client Application”, which allows you to set up the alerting rules, various parameters, and user profiles, and “Web Interface”, extremely valuable for different types of reports.

The monitoring feature is not limited to checking the availability of resources and network’s services, but it also gives information regarding the performance and operability of the monitored systems. Another aspect that caught my attention was the option of receiving scheduled reports via e-mail. After you set up the desired parameters, the app will automatically send the information in a report-like message to selected e-mail addresses.

The current version has improved some of the features, among which I note the support for SNMP traps, meaning that the system can execute alerts upon traps receipt.

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